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Plastic Tank Post date: 2014-07-18View:307

Plastic tanks are made by modified polyethylene (PE). The tank is formed by one-step rotational molding without any welding joint. It has performance of anti-corrosion, anti-shock, anti-leakage, , no-toxic, light weight, and long operating life. It has been widely used ......

Liquefied Natural Gas Storage Tank Post date: 2014-07-18View:162

ItemSpecificationTank Materials(outside/inside)Q345R/S30408Design pressure0.8 MPaDesign temperature-196℃Volume40L/50L/80L/100LCurb weight19200/223400/32350/39400kgLoading weight170L (base on LNG density)Total weight 36750/44600/64350/82500kgLength10545/12300/14500/17100m......

Plastic-lined Steel Tank Post date: 2014-07-18View:241

Plastic-lined steel tank is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, and medicine industries. It has the performance of anti-corrosion, acid resistance and alkali resistance. We adopt one-step molding technology to guarantee its high performance. It also has featu......

Liquefied Gas Storage Tank Post date: 2014-07-18View:144

MediumLiquid AmmoniaMaterialsS345RDesign pressure2.16 MPaDesign temperature50℃Volume40/50/80/100LCurb weight11700/14970/20600/25370 kgLoading weight20300/25400/40750/50800 kgLength 9320/11750/11900/13100mm Tank shell diameter2400/2400/3000/3200mm Tank head/shell thicknes......

Liquefied Petroleum Storage Tank Post date: 2014-07-18View:145

Liquefied Petroleum Storage Tank Liquefied Petroleum Storage Tank Medium propane Materials S345R Design pressure ......

40M³ Liquefied Gas Storage Tank Post date: 2014-07-18View:241

40M³ Liquefied Gas Storage Tank 40M³ Liquefied Gas Storage Tank Medium liquid CO₂ Materials 16MnDR Design pressure ......

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