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R & D Capability

Thanks to its powerful R&D ability, Yuchai keeps leading the trend of the industrial development;

Yuchai is the first enterprise to produce EuroⅢ, EuroⅣ and EuroⅤ diesel engine in China, three-five years before the  enforcement of the nationalemission standard;

Yuchai is the first to develop a hybrid  engine of city bus(ISG) with independent intellectual property rights in China;

Yuchai is the first Chinese enterprise to obtain EuroⅣ e-mark certificates;

Yuchai developed the first diesel engine of EuroⅣ emission standard for sedan;

Yuchai developed and put into use a diesel engine controller (YCECU) with independent intellectual property rights;

In June 2011, Yuchai became the first Chinese enterprise to develop a EuroⅥ diesel engine prototype;

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