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Position: Construction Machinery»Electric equipment

S150 Post date: 2024-06-13View:51

Yuchai S150 electric skid steer loader Global first wheel side motor driving technology Global first wheel side AUTO-HOLD technology Integrated chassis Power capacity increased by 25% Improved job stability by 15% Battery life increased by 40% The ......

Z25 Post date: 2024-06-13View:16

YC Z25 Electric Small Articulated Loaders 1.Saving energy cost by 91% 2.0 maintenance during 2000 hours 3.Low failure rate 4.Battery capacity increased by 40% 5.Wheel motor driving; 6.AUTO HOLDTraction force increased......

S35 Post date: 2024-06-13View:29

S35-Performance specification Product feature: The Yuchai S35 is an epoch-making electric wheeled skid-steer loader. This new product is going to redefine the mini skid steer loader in next few years. With a slim body of only 95 centimeters in width and two me......

D170 Post date: 2024-06-13View:25

Yuchai D170 Electric Remote-Controlled Demolition Robot The Yuchai D170 electric remote-controlled demolition robot, developedby YuchaiHl, is a compact and agile equipment designed for preciseoperations in narrow spaces. With a body width of 780mm, it can passth......

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