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YC8CAX is a marine diesel engine developed on the basis of the mature model of YC8CL marine engine. YC8CAX/YC8CL an ideal supporting power for all kinds of ships and specific to the working conditions of coastal and inland waterway shipping vessels, engineering vessels , offshore and ocean-going fishing vessels, is a new generation of marine power developed by Yuchai in combination with the advanced diesel engine technology of Germany, the United States and Japan and in full accordance with the development process for modern European engine.

型号 Model YC8CAX2200L-C20 YC8CAX2000L-C20
型式Type 直列、水冷、立式、四冲程、直喷式 Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, four-stroke
进气方式Intake way 增压中冷Turbo-charged& inter-cooled
气缸数-缸径×行程(mm) No. of cylinders - Bore × Stroke 8-215×320
活塞排量(L) Displacement 92.89
压缩比Compression ratio 14:1
持续功率/转速(kW(Ps)/r/min)Continuous power/speed 1620 (2200) /1000 1470 (2000) /1000
超负荷功率/转速(kW(Ps)/r/min)One-hour power/speed  1782 (2420) /1032 1617 (2200) /1032
最低燃油消耗率(g/kW•h) Min.specific fuel consumption ≤195
机油消耗率(g/kW•h) Specific oil consumption ≤0.5
机油容量(L) Engine oil capacity 250-260
最低工作稳定转速(r/min)Min.steady working speed ≤400
曲轴旋转方向(面向功率输出端) Crankshaft rotation direction (see from power output end) 逆时针Anticlockwise
起动方式Starting way 电起动 Electrical
净质量(kg)Net weight 7700
外形尺寸(长×宽×高)(mm) Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 3258×1192×2426
适配减速齿轮箱 Matched reduction gearbox 1600等etc
证书Certificate CCS、EIAPP、国Ⅱ

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