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4 Types of Euro VI Engines Bring Yuchai into the Era of Euro VI

On January 10, at the beginning of a new year, Yuchai held Euro VI Engine Ignition Ceremony at the Test Center of Engineering R&D Institute, Yan Ping, Chairman of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., Wu Qiwei, President of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. and other leaders ignited the 4 new types of Euro VI engines. This successful ignition marked that Yuchai took the lead to enter into the era of Euro VI. Again Yuchai leads the industry trend with multiple cutting-edge technologies and spares no efforts to provide excellent engines for users.


In 2011, Yuchai took the lead in the industry to produce China’s first Euro VI engine that was put into mass production for Beijing Public Transport in 2015. In 2016, Yuchai started to carry out the foundation work related to the R&D, manufacture and service of Euro VI engines and released the second type of Euro VI engine, laying the foundation for Euro VI era with high starting point and high standard. From January 1, 2017, China will provide vehicle gasoline and diesel with Euro V vehicle emissions standards, those lower than this standard will be prohibited to sell in China, marking the complete implementation of Euro V vehicle emissions standards. After completing Euro V product layout and taking the initiative and advantage in segmented markets, this time Yuchai pioneered in manufacturing 4 types of Euro VI engines to lead the Euro VI era in the future.

It is reported that, Yuchai Euro VI engines are divided into 11 types in 6 series and three platforms (light, medium and heavy), the output power ranges from 100 to 700 Hp. The newly-released 4 engines are YCK13, YCK08, YCS04, and YCY24, whose shared features are combining the most advanced international engine technologies among the engines of the same displacement with powerful output, fuel economy, low emissions, less noise, light weight, small size, high reliability, and long life span. The output power ranges from 100 to 560 Hp.

YCK13 is the product first applying modular technology in China’s heavy truck field with an improved reliability, maintenance convenience and lowed maintenance cost; YCK08 first adopts reverse valve to fit TOP-DOWN high efficient cooling with better reliability and long life span; YCS04 is a brand-new 4.2L-displacement light-duty diesel engine and the model engine of highway passenger vehicles and light trucks; YCY24 is a product developed on the basis of YCY20 with competitive engine power, economical efficiency, safety, comfort, etc.

The launch of 4 Euro VI products developed in competition with world’s leading enterprises strengthens the confidence of Yuchai and drives the industry forward, indicating the dominance of Yuchai in the Euro VI era coming soon.

The year 2017 marks a year of innovation, quality improvement and Euro VI engine R&D for Yuchai. At a time when the New Year bell rings, Yuchai proposes that Euro VI product layout is a valuable opportunity for Yuchai to upgrade technology and quality and to reborn. Yuchai will take this opportunity to pursue the excellence, overtake the world’s leading level, spare no efforts to welcome the Euro VI challenge threatening the survival of enterprises, continue to lead the industry, promote products to develop in a high-end direction, usher in a new era of engine manufacture, and strive to be among the top international engine manufacturers.

After the reform, innovation and development in the past few years, now Yuchai is improving and upgrading in its system, shrinking in its product range, and promoting in its strength and dominance. The competitiveness of the engine products has been greatly enhanced, while Yuchai has taken a giant step on the path of going global.


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