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Boat Engines

Leading technology, developed and designed by Yuchai and Yamaha, adopts BOSCH electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection technology;

Low oil consumption, the diesel combustion efficiency is greatly improved, which can realize saving more than 10%;

High reliability, the main components uses imported or joint venture brands. B10 life over 60000 hours;

Engine is small in size, light weight, long life, is a new generation of green environmental protection engine for ship.

Model Crankshaft Output Power(kw/hp) Tail Shaft  Output Power (kw/hp) Speed(rpm) Number of Cylinder Displacement(L)
K12-500 368/500 357/485 1800 6 12
K12-550 404/550 392/533 1900 6 12
K12-600 441/600 428/582 2100 6 12

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