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Yuchai Heavy Industry Seizes Opportunities to Achieve Steady Recovery

On January 16, Guangxi Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuchai Heavy Industry) held 2017 Marketing Service Conference themed by “Consensus, Recovery and Win-win” at its head office. According to the conference, in 2016, with more investments in domestic infrastructure construction and the propulsion of the Belt and Road Initiative, the construction machinery market presented a rebound trend and is expected to achieve sustainable growth in 2017. Over the past year, Yuchai Heavy Industry has seized opportunities and achieved steady recovery in production and management.

It is understood that in 2016, Yuchai Heavy Industry made a major breakthrough in destocking and realized growth in sales and capital return. The successful launch of YC-9 marked the overall entry of Yuchai Heavy Industry in Euro III era. Yuchai Heavy Industry made obvious achievements in encryption of the distributor channel. The electrical excavator and the E-commerce platform were deeply promoted and took shape. Yuchai Heavy Industry also made a progress in sales in overseas markets. In addition, it held the selection activity of “Durable Star” across China to further enhance the brand influence of Yuchai Heavy Industry. Its introduction of socialized service stations and specially-appointed service engineers also got obvious achievements.

In 2017, Yuchai Heavy Industry will adhere to the comprehensive business strategy of “shrinkage, exploration, adjustment and recovery” for benchmarking the advanced enterprises in the industry and enhancing product quality. Yuchai Heavy Industry will optimize its management, internally integrate institutional functions. Moreover, it will fully launch YC-9 to grab market share, exert itself in the sector of compact excavator, recover the company’s traditional strengths, pay attention to the risk of credit rights for new product sales and continue to deepen the encryption. In particular, it will strengthen the service capacity building in the blank area and improve distribution of socialized service stations.


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