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Yuchai Group Grants RMB 3 Million to Award Skilled Workers in 2016

On January 6, Yuchai grandly awarded 19 workers, who were among the top five of Guangxi Skilled Workers Competition, with bonuses and prizes totally worth about RMB 350,000.


It is reported that Guangxi Skilled Workers Competition is the highest-level one of its kind in Guangxi. During the competition held in December, 2016, Yuchai had the most champions and prize-winners, and helped Yulin City win the first prize by the total team scores.

Guangxi Federation of Trade Unions congratulated Yuchai through a congratulatory letter on this success for the first time, praising the achievements made by Yuchai in training workers. Yuchai is expected to carry forward the spirits of model worker, hard-working and craftsman, and to cultivate more skilled talents with intelligence, skills, creativity and innovativeness.

Over the years, Yuchai has highlighted the cultivation of workers, considered workers as the treasure, and motivated innovativeness and creativity of workers through on-the-job training, competition, bonus, etc.

From 2010 on, Yuchai has granted RMB 1 million to award skilled workers with outstanding contributions every year. In 2016, the amount of prize skyrocketed to RMB 3 million.

Related events: In 2016, Yuchai skilled workers were awarded from time to time. Chi Zhaojiu, working as a bench worker and a senior technician at Yuchai, won the title “China Prize for Skilled Workers” awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Maintenance electrician and senior technician Tan Zhu won the title of “National Technical Expert” and was listed among the first batch of “Guangxi Craftsmen”.


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