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Yuchai's YC4FQ Series Low-emission Engines, Must-haves for the

In recent years, with the development of road transportation, market segments like micro-circulation buses, logistics vehicles and school buses, all of which are closely associated with "the last mile problem", have been growing rapidly. The market demand for commercial vehicles with a length of no more than six meters has been increasing as a result. To meet market demand, many commercial vehicle companies have expanded their product lines like light-duty trucks, light-duty passenger vehicles and light-duty school buses and put forward new requirements on engines, the "hearts" of vehicles.

"Yuchai intends to further expand its product range and develop engines compatible with vehicles with a length of no more than six meters, with the aim of establishing the most competitive light-duty product platform and providing the most optimal power solutions for light-duty trucks with a payload capacity of no more than five tons," said the 4FQ Project Manager of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.


Yuchai officially launched its YC4FQ series engines in the first half of this year. The products have been installed on hundreds of vehicles in just half a year, and thousands of products will be produced and sent to customers in the next year. So, what exactly makes the YC4FQ series engines, which are promoted by Yuchai as benchmark products in the "light-duty" era, so popular?

Technical Advantage 1: Environment Protection

The model YC4FQ-50, with an 89mm × 100mm bore and stroke and a 2.5L piston displacement, meets Euro V emission standards after incorporating Bosch's common rail systems and the SCR after-treatment technology. Multiple injection events with high precision are made possible by Bosch's common rail direct fuel injection system. The power of YC4FQ-50 ranges from 90Ps to 100 Ps and the maximum torque of it is 220N.m to 270N.m.

The detailed design makes the product stand out in terms of energy saving and environmental protection. Users will see how fuel-efficient the product is if they actually use it.

Tong Baoming, a customer from Xinyang City, Henan Province, has been engaging with Yuchai for more than a decade, and he is very satisfied with Yuchai's products and services. In September, 2016, Tong Baoming purchased a 19-seat school bus equipped with a Yuchai YC4FQ series engine from Shaolin Bus to transport pupils between their kindergarten and homes, and he has been driving 70 to 80 kilometers per day ever since.

"Seen from operations in the past few months, the performance of the YC4FQ series is pretty good. It is powerful, quiet and fuel-efficient," Tong Baoming said.

Technical Advantage 2: Lightweight Design

As a masterpiece of the "light-duty" era, the YC4FQ series also features lightweight design.

The 4FQ Project Manager said: "The YC4FQ series is developed on the basis of the YC4FA series, but it is smaller, lighter, more compact and more suitable for light-duty commercial vehicles. The replacement of crankcases with gantry-type cylinder blocks alone leads to a 13Kg decrease in weight."

Meanwhile, the lightweight design directly results in an improvement in economic efficiency.

Compared to the YC4FA series, the YC4FQ series has a lower minimum horsepower (90Ps) and a smaller piston displacement (2.5L), strengthening the role of Yuchai in the small-displacement and low-horsepower engine market. In addition, with low fuel consumption, vehicles equipped with the YC4FQ series engines can meet not only the need for energy saving and environment protection but also the expectation for higher cost efficiency.

Technical Advantage 3: Strong Power Performance

The YC4FQ series is small in size, yet strong in power performance. It can satisfy the operational requirements of light-duty trucks with a payload capacity of no more than five tons and light-duty passenger vehicles and school buses with a length of no more than six meters.


"Compared with 2.5-liter engines produced by other bands, the YC4FQ series engines are more competitive in terms of power performance and maximum torque. The YC4FQ series engines are high-end light-duty engines with a rated power of 73KW and a maximum torque of 270N.m. Their power per liter is 29.2KW/L and their torque per liter is 108N.m /L. They can provide a high torque of 214N.m at the speed of 1,000rpm, outperforming similar products. The YC4FQ series engines have now been installed on school buses produced by companies like Yutong Bus and Dongfeng Motor Corporation. These customers are very satisfied with the power performance of the products," said the 4FQ Project Manager.

Technical Advantage 4: Practicability = Stability + Reliability

In 2016, Yuchai attracted a lot of attention and won wide recognition by carrying out a series of activities of "driving millions of kilometers without major repair". The activities also made many customers link Yuchai with durability and reliability.

Yuchai has always been attaching great importance to the reliability of its products.

As some of its parts inherit the YC4FA series' advantage in reliability, the YC4FQ series is designed to be more reliable and stable while maintaining all the features of light-duty engines.

It is learnt that with the gantry structure, the wet sleeve and the longitudinal flow field, the YC4FQ series has a great cooling effect. The integral cylinder head provides high rigidity and low vibrancy, and thus plays a pivotal role in improving emission control and reliability. In addition, the YC4FQ series is equipped with optimized pistons and superchargers. Special treatment is performed for noise reduction. The series also has a long drain interval of more than 20,000km.

The 4FQ Project Manager said: "Even though we developed the YC4FQ series on the basis of the YC4FA series, we still followed all the procedures to test the reliability and endurance of the new series, so as to ensure the quality of our products."

Technical Advantage 5: Improvement in Applicability

With the independent research on Bosch's control system as well as the successful development of an after-treatment integrating both air-assisted and non-air-assisted methods, the 4FQ series can be installed on 12V and 24V vehicles. The series are compatible with both hydraulic brakes and pneumatic brakes, and therefore is suitable for a wide range of vehicles. The usage of non-air-assisted after-treatment can help automobile manufacturers to decrease costs to a large extent.

The YC4FQ series has been put through tests under extreme conditions including high temperature, bitter coldness and high altitude. It can start without assistance at a temperature of -15°C, and start with the assistance of an air-heating system at a temperature of -30°C. Basically, the series enjoys broad applicability in the domestic market.


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